Pattaya Sheep Farm – a great experience for weekend


 Sheep Farm Pattaya offers so many fun activities to do  such as riding on a intelligent horse carriage with a sightseeing around the park. If you have opportunity travelling to Pattaya, don’t miss this destination.

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There is also a small fairground, a Dutch-style windmill, a great restaurant and even a small floating market, providing a wide range of activities for the whole family to enjoy. The extremely popular farm mostly caters to young children, who get in for free (if they are under 110cm), while adults need to pay 50 baht entry. It is essentially a large petting zoo, with sheep, goats, donkeys, ponies, pigs, rabbits and alpacas among the more fluffy residents. Equally adorable are the tortoises, parrots, peacocks, turkeys, buffalo and others, all of which live in a charming, picturesque setting right out of TV shows like Little House on the Prairie.

The Barn Steak House is situated right in the middle of Pattaya Sheep Farm. Open from 10:30 to 20:00, the signature dish is, somewhat ironically, lamb chop. Barbecue pork ribs and steak sandwiches are also popular choices. The quality of the dishes is excellent, even if it is a little odd to be dining on lamb having just been petting one.

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Pet Farm

The animal lovers, both kids and adult tourists, cannot miss this zone. You can have fun and learn the life of various kinds of exotic animals. In the green zone, the animal freely rest or wander around. Our staffs will take care of the hygiene and your safety, so that you can closely feed or observe them.

Game Zone

In the game zone, both children and adults can do different activities, such as trapshooting, doll shooting, balloon lucky draw, etc. The children can climb up, slide or jump around on the gigantic air house. You can let your kids play on the trampoline or have the exciting view from the top of the Ferris wheel.

Town of fairy tales

Get festinated with your well-known favorite fairy tales one more time. In the town of fairy tales, among the castle, dwarf’s house, Jack’s beanstalk, gigantic dragon, your fairy tale characters become alive. You can take the impressive family photos with your kids, posing as a prince or princess and playing the role in those tales.

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The barn steak house

Another service of Pattaya Sheep Farm is the Barn Steak House which offers various menus. We would like to recommend steak menus made from the premium materials and skillfully cooked by our chef according to our formula. We also provide the catering service for a small or big gathering with the Thai buffet, set box or steak set menus at your choice.

The Pattaya Sheep Farm Floating Market features a modest selection of stores and stalls selling clothing, accessories and souvenirs, as well as some snacks and drinks. Boat rides around the little lake the market is positioned on are also available. For those who want a bit more excitement, you can also navigate the water from the inside of a zorb ball. Although this attraction is particularly popular with local Thais, the signs are mostly in English and the majority of the staff are multi-lingual, making it easily accessible for overseas tourists, too. It is a great place for selfie-takers, with many unique photo opportunities available, not least of which is sharing a pose with a cuddly sheep or friendly goat.

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